EasyIndex WordPress Index Plugin Updates Automatically

If you’ve ever done a manual index on your blog (as I have) you know how frustrating it is to do a post and then forget to update the index. Okay, maybe I’m the only one who forgets but I suspect I’m not. I’d remember 3 posts later and then make a frantic dash to the index and manually update it for each post.

Update your blog index automaticallyThat’s not a real crime, of course, but the whole idea of having an index is to be up-to-date and professional and there were times I wasn’t. If anyone visited my index instead of scrolling back post by post, my readers missed some of my good stuff.

Enter EasyIndex WordPress Plugin and it updates automatically the instant I hit the publish button. Easypeasy no stress, no wondering if I forgot anything.

Whether you’re using a main photo index linking to each category and then to each post, a Pinterest style gallery of every post in chronological order or a text index by alphabetical order or by category or tag, each one will update instantly upon publish.

I found that when I added my WordPress Index, I received comments from readers thanking me for having all my posts in one place so they could find something they were looking for. You know how it is, you remember something from a blog but you can’t remember it exactly so you can’t search for it by keyword or date. It’s quick to scroll through a post index or a category index or even an alphabetical or categorical text index.

The whole idea of having an up-to-date index is to get your older posts in front of more eyes. It shows you as more credible and it gives more viewers for your advertising links. It’s not cheap to run a blog and every page view is helpful in gaining advertising dollars.





Written By Maureen Shaw

I'm a woman who loves to write and loves to cook so what better occupation than as a food blogger. When I couldn't find a WordPress plugin to suit me, I asked my favorite programmer to write them for me. I liked them so much, I asked him to share them with everyone.

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