Find Your Voice

You have a voiceIf you’re a blogger, then you’re a writer and nothing is more important to building your brand than to have a clear voice.

What’s a ‘Voice’?

Your voice is your unique way to put across your message to the world. Some voices are snarky, some are funny, some are even flirty but every writer has a voice. If they don’t, they aren’t writers, they are sentence managers.

When I first started writing I was a sentence manager. You could have found my style of writing on any Wikipedia page. It was matter of fact, no emotion, no flair, no nothing really.

I met with a marketing guru who was trying to be kind and said, “Your blog is okay but I don’t see you in there at all. Where is the personality I like so much?”

I thought about it and remembered my mother’s words so many years ago, “You’re an awful writer,” so I’ve always tried to Wikipedia my way through life. I promised the guru that I would try using my own words instead of what I thought ‘people expected’.

The day I began I was nervous – what if my blog readers all flee from this horrible writer? ┬áMy husband promised me we’d just get a new domain and I could start over – being anonymous. He told me later that he just knew it was going to work.

I hit publish and I got twice the comments than previous posts had received. I heard, “Isn’t it nice to hear from YOU” type comments. I had to admit after a few weeks that husband and marketing guru were right, using my own way of communicating worked and it will work for you.

How do you find your voice? You already have one, you just don’t realize it. To find it, sit down and write a new blog post but this time, write it exactly as you would if you were talking to your best friend. Don’t correct along the way, just type for 5 minutes. That’s your voice. ┬áThat’s the voice you need to be using on your blog.

You could be funny, provocative, sarcastic, a bit irreverent, a bit of a smarty pants or all combined and that’s the person your readers will relate to. People come to blogs because they find a link, they stay because they’ve made a connection – a friendship of sorts. The more YOU that’s in your blog, the more your readers will become friends. Your voice is your key to retaining dedicated followers and maintaining your voice is an ongoing job.

Written By Maureen Shaw

I'm a woman who loves to write and loves to cook so what better occupation than as a food blogger. When I couldn't find a WordPress plugin to suit me, I asked my favorite programmer to write them for me. I liked them so much, I asked him to share them with everyone.

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