How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

How to get more traffic to your blogThis is the million dollar question, isn’t it? Unless you have very deep pockets to advertise, the only way to get a popular blog is to work at it.

Write a Quality Blog

It starts with creating a blog that’s worthwhile reading and subscribing to. If you’ve got nothing more than plagiarized posts from article repositories hoping you’ll get income from advertising, uh uh. It just doesn’t work that way. Ask ANY popular blogger how much time he or she spends writing and promoting their blog and your head might spin a little.

One woman I know works 7 days a week from early morning until late at night. She posts every. single. day. Yes, that’s right, she creates a new post complete with original photography every day of the year, including Christmas and holidays.  Her blog wasn’t an overnight success but she certainly got there through hard work and talent.

Have Something to Say

Much like the previous paragraph, have a point of view. If you want to be popular, then you must come across as someone who believes what they say. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you’re passionate about.

Once you have a quality blog and you’ve got something to say, who’s going to read it? Promotion, baby, promotion. You’ve got to promote yourself like P.T. Barnum and you have to do it nearly every day.

Comment on Blogs

There are different views about commenting on blogs but I believe in it and it has worked for me. We’ve all heard how getting ahead comes from networking with others in your field. How are you going to meet the big guns who can help you?  Comment on their blogs. I once apologized for commenting so often on a blog I liked because I felt like a stalker. That big blogger has done more to push my blog ahead than any other.

You need to write sincere, well constructed comments if you want to be taken seriously and yes, it takes time. A blog comment of, “This is really neat,” will be ignored.  A comment about the post and how something similar has affected you, your blog, your family, your town – whatever will be remembered. Just do it and  you’ll thank me in a year when everyone knows who you are.

Social Media

Social media can be such time suck and honestly, I don’t enjoy it all that much but it has to be done. Any brand or sponsor will want to know that you have an active social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest.  It’s possible to schedule posts ahead by using Hootsuite or other programs and I highly recommend it.

I schedule my social media a week in advance and then if something is topical for the moment, I might comment while it’s hot. I visit the social media sites once a day and answer any comments or notifications I’ve received over the past 24 hours. I honestly don’t have time to live on Facebook or Twitter and you shouldn’t be there if you want to promote your blog.


It’s possible to advertise on Facebook or Twitter to get more eyes on your content but it does cost money and at a time when your blog isn’t earning much money. If you have the cash, it will put your blog success ahead by months but… and it’s a big but, your blog has to be ready. See paragraph number one.

Good luck!

Written By Maureen Shaw

I'm a woman who loves to write and loves to cook so what better occupation than as a food blogger. When I couldn't find a WordPress plugin to suit me, I asked my favorite programmer to write them for me. I liked them so much, I asked him to share them with everyone.

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