Keep more of your content in front of your readers.

Keep More of Your Content in Front of Your Readers

pugsmodernlife indexWe all work hard on our posts and too often visitors will come to our blogs to see our most recent post and then leave, as if there’s nothing left to see.  I used to be glad when visitors would visit at all and over time I knew that what I’d written previously was still interesting and relevant but how to let my readers know?

How could I display more of my content to my readers?

I saw blogs with an index and found myself looking through some of their older posts. That’s when I started looking for a plugin that would allow me to customize an index so it would fit in with my blog’s theme. No such thing!

There were indexes within themes but I had to include all my categories and that’s not what I wanted. In my case it was recipes and I didn’t want to include my musings, blog and restaurant reviews, interviews with other bloggers and the like. I was told I could do it all manually but I’m a cook, not a geek. Continue reading “Keep More of Your Content in Front of Your Readers”