You Can Create a WordPress Index From Any Grouping

Someone asked us the other day if EasyIndex could be used on blogs that weren’t food and recipes and we enthusiastically said yes. If a blog’s theme allows for any grouping or taxonomy, we can index it. Got categories? We can index those. Got Tags? Yes, those too. Got something different? If your theme allows for a different sort of grouping, that can be indexed too.

She wrote back a little while later and said, “Okay, so if I’ve got a craft site, can I have a separate index for knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, etc?” Yes, EasyIndex can do that too.

Not only can EasyIndex create a WordPress index for you that looks unique to your site, it only takes a few minutes to do it.

Sample Index

Food works well because we all like to eat but every post these days has a photograph or two to break up text and offer more interest to readers. Here’s a sample of an index created for a mindmaster sort of site.

sample index

EasyIndex is really easy to use. Here are a few testimonials from users taken from

Rothschild86 said: Beyond Awesome!

Thank you.

Tfbgiramuk said: Absolutely Perfect!

My blog uses a genesis theme and I have been updating my recipe index manually as I was unhappy with the default from the Foodie Theme.

This plug-in is beyond perfect!! A breeze to install and customize, and looks beautiful! and I NO LONGER need to keep updating and it even looks heaps better!

If you have a blog that needs an index- this is the indexing plug-in you MUST install!

Scrummylane said: Definitely doesn’t disappoint!

I’d been wanting a proper index for my food blog for ages, so downloaded EasyIndex as soon as I heard about it. I’m over the moon with it! I generally get a bit scared by the idea of setting these sorts of things up for myself, but honestly, this was a breeze.

I had an issue related to my theme when I first tried to set things up, so contacted the developer for help. Not only did he reply really quickly to my support ticket with a solution to my issue, but offered to do the techy bits I wasn’t comfortable with for me.

From there I had my indexes all set up really quickly. All you have to do is create an index by selecting which categories you want to include (very easy), play around with the colours/fonts etc. (also very easy with the live formatting option) and attach your index to your menu. Done.

Very happy and highly recommend this to anyone who wants an index for their blog without the hassle and high cost.

Melmcdonald2 said: Amazing!

An amazing plugin! Simple to install, even for a technophobe like me, and up and running in minutes. All my posts are instantly added to the index without me having to do a thing.

I have spent hours setting up other plugins and none have looked as good as this one or been as user friendly. My bounce rate has improved significantly in the short time I have had it installed. It is by far the best index plugin there is available.

John (the developer) is extremely helpful and responds to queries exceptionally quickly. I had a little blip with my website that wasn’t even caused by his plugin yet he went above and beyond and helped me to fix it.

Highly recommended!

What do you have to index that will keep your visitors checking out more of your content?

Written By Maureen Shaw

I'm a woman who loves to write and loves to cook so what better occupation than as a food blogger. When I couldn't find a WordPress plugin to suit me, I asked my favorite programmer to write them for me. I liked them so much, I asked him to share them with everyone.

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